16-Aug-2018Fairfax, VA +25 milesHorses for sale
Seeing is believing with this special mare. Penny is 1 of the prettiest little fillies you'll ever meet. She's only seven years. old, very pretty with a flaxen mane and tail and a star on her forehead to really show who she is. She's sound, an easy keeper and has fantastic manners for a lady her age. She's green but has incredible potential. Penny is a Tennessee Walker cross and has a good gait...
16-Aug-2018Fairfax, VA +25 milesHorses for sale
Black Jack - Tennessee Walking Horse - gelding - A true black horse! Move over Black Beauty..there's a new star in town! This gorgeous Tennessee Walker is approximately. 15.2 hands. Unfortunately Black Jack cannot be ridden due to a stifle injury and bone spurs, but would make a adorable companion to you or your horse. He adores attention and is an easy keeper. Send in your horse questionnaire ...
16-Aug-2018Fairfax, VA +25 milesHorses for sale
Austin is a Welsh Cross, gelding, 13.2h bay pony. He's a bay with white hind socks. He was rescued from an auction just in the nick of time. Austin would make a nice companion for humans or another horse. A little pushy for beginners but not aggressive. He's full of fun and easy to love. Come and meet this precious guy and see why we love him so much.
16-Aug-2018Fairfax, VA +25 milesHorses for sale
Mischief (Missy) is a dark brown 16.2 h. mare. She and her sister Callie have lived their entire lives together and must be placed together. She has 1 white eyebrow and her sister has two. She was born in 1988 and as the older sister you'd think she is top girl but actually Callie leads the way and Missy is happy to follow whatever Callie is doing. They came to us due to their previous owner pa...
16-Aug-2018Fairfax, VA +25 milesHorses for sale
Brandy is an Arabian Cross, 14.h mare and a exquisite chestnut. She was taken into custody and her owners charged with cruelty. She has personality plus but needs some TLC and patience. She has come far in her trust of humans. She bonds easily with other horses and would make a lovable companion. This little sweetie would be a nice companion to you and your other horses.
15-Aug-2018Clarksburg, MD +21 milesHorses for sale
3 yr old black with white Chincoteague Morgan cross. Thunder is an amazing horse. He is absolutely stunning and a fantastic jumper. Thunder is working with a trainer and has been undersaddle. He is doing fantastic with his training! He has a handsome personality and will come up to you when you go into his paddock as he adores attention. He is currently a stallion but we can geld him for you. H...
14-Aug-2018Lovettsville, VA +11 milesHorses for sale
ER Messenger ( Jimi ) is a bay 2014 Standardbred gelding. He was turned over to ERL in February 2017 when his elderly owner could no longer properly care for him and Harley. He has had little to no handling in his 2 and a half years, but his temperament remains cute and kind. He should mature to approx 15.2 hands. With patient handling and training both of these horses can go on to lead nice li...
14-Aug-2018Lovettsville, VA +11 milesHorses for sale
Summer is a 1994 Flea-bitten grey Appendix mare standing around 15.2 hands. She came to PKF in July 2013 as a body condition score of two, suffering from starvation, malnutrition and anemia. She has since fully recovered and is a wonderful mare with beautiful ground manners and a kind eye. She is sound to ride and would make an ideal light-riding only mount due to her age and arthritis. She is ...
14-Aug-2018Lovettsville, VA +11 milesHorses for sale
William R. Branch ("Billy") is a lovely 2015 Arabian X Quarter Horse gelding currently standing around 14.3 hands, with room to grow. He came to the ERL in November 2016 when it became apparent to Animal Control Officers that his absentee owner would not be returning to care for him anytime soon. A bright chestnut and a stunning mover, this fun loving young horse needs a home as possible. Prior...
14-Aug-2018Lovettsville, VA +11 milesHorses for sale
Ivy is a grey 1988 Arabian mare who came to PKF in early June 2013. She was severely malnourished weighing in at only 550 lbs. 2 Yrs later, she weighs in at a whopping 850lbs. She continues to amaze each 1 of us with her resilient and determined spirit. This remarkable little mare is available for adoption to the right forever home.
14-Aug-2018Lovettsville, VA +11 milesHorses for sale
Arabella is a grey 1988 Arabian mare. She and Chloe were part of the Morgan County Crew seized in 1999 in West Virginia. Both mares were adopted out together several years later. Both mares were returned to the ERL in December 2013 when their owners moved out of the country. She is the quiet matriarch with impeccable manners, and would make a sweet equine companion.
14-Aug-2018Lovettsville, VA +11 milesHorses for sale
Chloe is a chestnut 1999 Arabian mare who came to ERL the same year with Arabella and 3 other fillies. These foals were suffering from malnutrition and neglect, but all thrived after diligent care by ERL's volunteers. After spending almost 10yrs with Arabella with their adopted family, both mares were returned to ERL in December 2013 when the family moved out of the country. She has lived her e...
14-Aug-2018Lovettsville, VA +11 milesHorses for sale
Bruno is a grey 1984 Quarter Horse gelding who came to Promise Kept Farm in December 2013. He is a quiet gentleman and Ivy s doting husband. He was turned over to the ERL with 3 other horses when his owners moved out of the country. He, like Ivy, lives on a complete feed as they have both outlived their teeth. Bruno stands quietly for all kinds of attention and is always a gentleman to handle. ...
12-Aug-2018Fairfax, VA +25 milesHorses for sale
Trigger is a 12 yr old Registered Rocky Mountain Horse. Great on trails easy to catch load stands for mounting. Smooth well Gaited canters. Adores people! Up to date on vaccinations deworming and farrier.
8-Aug-2018Fairfax, VA +25 milesHorses for sale
Sil is 1 big attractive gelding looking for someone who needs a best friend and companion. He's a pure bred Black Friesian with a adorable personality. He is sound but does have some medical issues involving autoimmune disease. This is manageable with some basic care and treatments. He is good with other horses, especially the ladies and loves to be groomed. He's approximately. 15.2 hands and h...
8-Aug-2018Fairfax, VA +25 milesHorses for sale
Callie and her sister Missy came to us because their previous owner had passed away. He loved his girls and they sure loved him. They are ex-trotter Standardbred mares who are older but still quite active. Their riding days are over but they still love their petting and companion days. Callie is brown with wonderful totally white eyebrows. She was born in 1987 and is a very easy keeper.
Wicked is a talented easygoing natural teacher for young and old. With a happygolucky attitude he is eager to perform in any of the general disciplines. An experienced and trustful fox hunter with a solid dressage foundation. Wicked has shown in some novice eventing with clean results but prefers a steady rhythm around the ring and working towards showing in the Hunters. He is a quick learner a...
8-Aug-2018Sterling, VA +11 milesHorses for sale
Precious and gentle AndalusianArab gelding for sale lovingly handled and trained in dressage by current ownertrainer since weaning. EXCELLENT dressage prospect never been trained with spurs or doublebridle. Currently working at 3rd Level with snaffle bit only. Willing and intelligent. No vices sound easy keeper trailers well.
24-Jul-2018Lovettsville, VA +11 milesHorses for sale
Cody James is a 1992 bay OTTB gelding who was picked up by the Equine Rescue League as a stray horse in Warren County several years ago. He is an ex-polo pony standing at 15.1 hands high. He is super affectionate and very attractive. He is very passive and is a pleasant horse to work with. He has excellent ground manners; however, he is spirited to ride.
20-Jun-2018Sterling, VA +11 milesHorses for sale
I adore this saddle but Ive come to realize that I wont ever be jumping any longer so my loss is your gain! I had this saddle custom made in Italy for me by Prestige with no back blocks for a more close contact feel. Its an eighteen regular flap thirteen width 15 from top to bottom and for a bit extra I will include a custom pair of Gary Mundy Leathers. This saddle has fit everyone who has sat ...
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